Tuesday, 4 July 2017

British destroyer HMS Albatross executing trials according to the Dutch magazine dated Marineblad 1899-1900 no. 5

An item referred to the magazine le Yacht reporting that the British 330 tons destroyer Albatross built by Thornycroft, England with a horsepower of 8.000hp executed her second temporarily trial, namely 3 runs over the measured mile. With 17,2 atmosphere boiler pressure and 400 rpm was a speed of 32,3 miles achieved.(1)

1. Built under the 1896-1897 Naval Estimates, laid down by John I. Thornycroft&Company, Chiswick, England with yard number 317 on 27 November 1896, launched on 19 July 1898, commissioned in July 1900 and sold to be broken up on 7 June 1920.