Saturday, 15 July 2017

Dutch trawler Knikker investigating fishery methods in the Black Sea in 1926

The Dutch coastal defence ship Hr. Ms. Tromp (1) commanded by captain N.J. van Laer left on 6 October 1926 Nieuwediep, Netherlands for a voyage towards the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. One of the visited harbours was in November Varna, Bulgaria. There was lying the Dutch motor yacht Knikker belonging to Jhr. Van de Poll at Djeddah, Saudi Arabia. She was fitted out for the trawler fishery and used by the Mij. Noorderlicht at Ijmuiden, Netherlands in cooperation with the Bulgarian cabinet investigating the results of a more modern fishing method in the Black Sea. With the results was anybody until now very content.

1. Coast defence ship Marten Harpertsz Tromp, often referred to as just Tromp. She was laid down at the navy yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands 2 May 1903, launched 15 June 1904, trial 17 November 1905 and commissioned 5 April 1906. The armament consisted of 2-24cm guns, 4-15cm guns, 8-7.5cm guns, 4-3.7cm guns, one submerged torpedo tube and two submerged torpedo guns. After some voyages for instance again towards the Dutch East Indies was she decommissioned 2 May 1927, stricken 1932 and leaving 6 December 1933 Den Helder towards Pernis to be broken up. Part of her armour was used to strengthen in 1933 the fortress Kijk Uit at Den Helder, Netherlands.

Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeemacht 1926-1927.