Saturday, 1 July 2017

Finnish tug (ex-TID 19, 1943-1947, B 12 1947-1950, K-9,1950-1960, Kuutti 1960-1983, Tapio 1983-1996) Minos 1996-

Rauma, Finland end of June 2017

Finland-flagged, homeport Rauma, MMSI 230928000 and call sign OISJ. Dimensions 22,15x 5,25x 1,83 metres, gross tonnage 51 tons and net tonnage 16 tons. Horsepower 280kW. Speed 12 knots. Bollard pull 8 tons. Launched by Richard Dunston Limited, Thorne and Hessle, England with yard number T.419 as the TID 19 pn 31 July 1943. Completed for the UK Ministry of War Transport (MOWT) on 15 September 1943. Then to the War Department/Navy with the call sign MKVJ/ Laid up on 12 July 1945, since 9 January 1946 chartered to the Westminister Dredging Company Limited, since 2 June laid up although managed by Townsend Bros Ferries Limited. Handed over to the Finnish government on 27 March 1947 and renamed B 12. On 5 May 1950 was she handed over to F.W. Hollming Oy, Helsinki, Finland and renamed K-9, unregistered for breaking up in 1955, still not used as steam tug, in 1958 was mentioned that she had as homeport Rauma, after rebuilding between 1959-1960 was she on 11 April 1960 renamed Kuutti, the company’s name changed in 1975 into Hollming Oy, on 29 December 1983 she became property of Oy Eskoship Ab (Eskoo Saarine), Helsinki who renamed her Tapio, since 22 December 1988 owned by Mäntyluodon Metaly Oy, Pori, which company went bankrupt in 1992 after she was sold on 27 May 1992 to the Mäntyluoto Tug Service Oy also at Pori, this company went also bankrupt and on 2 December 1996 she was sold to Marko Eervonmaa, Rauma and who renamed her Minos. Anno 2017 managed by Rauma Chartering, Rauma, Finland.