Friday, 28 July 2017

German light cruiser Leipzig 1928-1946



Of the Leipzig-class consisting of the Leipzig and Nürnberg, preceded by the Königsberg-class and succeeded by the never realized M-class. The Nürnberg was not 100% similar with her sister ship. Laid down by Kriegsmarinewerft, Wilhelmshaven, Germany on 28 April 1928, launched on 18 October 1929, commissioned on 8 October 1931, heavily damaged and not repaired after a collision with the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen in October 194, against the end of the Second World War serving as a barracks ship for minesweeping forces and scuttled in July 1946.

Displacement 8.100 tons and as dimensions 177 x 16,3 x 5,69 metres ot 580.9 x 53.6 x 18.8 feet. The machinery consisted of 2 steam turbines delivering 60.000 shp and 4-7 cylinder 2 stroke double acting MAN diesels supplying 12.400 ihp allowing a speed of 32 knots and with a speed of 10 knots was her range 3.900 nautical miles. Her crew numbered 524 men (included 26 officers0. Armour consisted of a 5cm/2.0 thick belt, a 3cm/1.2” thick deck with the conning tower protected by 10cm/3.9”. The original armament consisted of 3x3-15cm/5.9” C/25 quick firing guns, 2x1-8.8cm/3.46” L/45 quick firing anti aircraft guns, 4x3-50cm/20” torpedo tunes and 120 mines. Able to carry 2 Arado 196 floatplanes with her.