Wednesday, 12 July 2017

German parliament approved new fleet law according to the Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder courant dated 11 October 1917

An item dated Berlin, Germany 11th October reported that the German parliament [the Reichstag] definitely approved the concept law fore rebuilding the German fleet. Both socialistic parties voted against. In his statement said vice chancellor Helfferich (1) to be very pleased with the approval.

1. Kart Theodor Helfferich (22 July 1872 Neustadt ander Weinstrasse, Germany-23 April 1924) Bllinzona, Switzerland, politician of the National People‘s Party Deutschnationale Volkspartei of DNVP), economist and financier and between 22 May 1916-23 October 1917 Secretary of the Interior and earlier Secretary for the Treasure between 31 January 1915 and 22 May 1916.