Thursday, 6 July 2017

German submarine SM U-39 successful in the Mediterranean according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf dated 29 January 1917

An item dated Berlin, Germany 28th reported that a German submarine (1) sunk on the 9th in the eastern part of the Mediterranean a full loaded armed cargo ship of around 5.000 tons and on the 15th the armed 3.838 ton armed ship Garfield (2), loaded with coal and oil underway from Kalta [Malta?] towards Port Said, Egypt. She belonged to the Northern Petroleum Tank S. S. Com. Ltd. [Hunting&Son], Newcastle, England. Her master was taken prisoner. The same submarine torpedoed and sunk on the 25th 250 miles east of Malta a troop transport steaming in eastern direction and escorted by a French torpedo boat. The transport crowded with troops sunk within 10 minutes.

1. The U-39, laid down at the Germaniawerft, Kiel, Germany with yard number 199 on 27 March 1913, launched on 26 September 1914, commissioned on 13 January 1915, surrendered to France on 22 March 1919 and finally broken up at Toulon, France in 1923.
2. Built by William Doxford&Sons Limited, Sunderland, England in 1907.