Thursday, 6 July 2017

Russian bark Ruby sunk by submarine according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf dated 29 January 1917

An item dated Cape Town, South Africa 28th reported the arrival of captain Jansen with the 10 crewmembers of the Russian bark Ruby [949 tons, owned by Lindström&Co.(1), Mariehamn, nowadays Aland] where they were interviewed. The Ruby was by a [German] submarine of the newest type sunk on 4th January on a distance of 90 miles from England. The submarine warned first with a gunshot and her master ordered the crew to abandon the ship and go into the open boats despite the very rough seas. The boat was not even two ship’s length the submarine sunk the bark with 15 shots. The submarine left the scene without offering any support but the crew managed to hoist a sail and got away. Four hours were the ice-cold and soaking wet men picked up by Japanese steamboat.

1. Gustav Arvid Lindström, 2 May 1863 Sund, Finland, 5 January 1949 West Hartlepool, England). Ship owner 1913-1917.