Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Japanese auxiliary cruiser Kongo Maru (1934) 1941-1942

Laid down by Harima Shipbuilding and Company, Japan as a cargo ship with pasenger accommodation for account of the Kokusai Kisen Kabushiki Kasiha on 22 February 1934, launched on 7 December 1934, commissioned on 5 March 1935, leased by the Nippon Ysen since January 1937, added to the Japanese navy on 6 August 1941, conversion into an auxiliary cruiser completed on 14 October 1941, added to the South Seas Force (4th Fleet) and based at Truk (Carolina Islands, Chuuk State, Micronesia) and bombed and sunk by aircraft from the American aircraft carriers USS Lexington and Yorktown while underway to Huon Gulf (Papua-New Guinea) on 10 March 1942 and stricken on 20 March 1942.

Displacement 8.762 tons and as dimensions 138,2 x 18,5 x 9,4 metres or 453.5 x 60,7 x 30.8 feet. Machinery consisted of 1-9.048shp Kawasaki MAN diesel allowing a speed of 19,63 knots. Crew as a merchant ship numbered 50 men. The armament consisted of 4-14cm/50 3rd Year Type naval guns, 2-13,2mm Type 93 machineguns and 2-53,3cm/21.0” torpedo tubes. She carried one Kawanashi E7K floatplane with her.