Saturday, 1 July 2017

New director for Dutch naval establishment at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper De Indische courant dated 5 November 1926

An item reported that the next morning the director of the naval establishment at Surabaya P.C. Coops (1) was to be replaced by captain lieutenant F. Diephuis.(2) Coops had been director since October 1921 and since then was the establishment increased with new departments. He was self also a navy officer appointed as midshipmen 3rd class in 1885 and dismissed form active service in the rank of captain/

1. Peter Constant Coops (9 July 1870 Stad Doetinchem, Netherlands7 December 1936 The Hague, Netherlands), director between 23 October 1921-8 November 1926. Between 16 August 1904-1 August 1908 in the rank of capitan de corbeta in Chilean naval service and participated in the harbour works of Valparaiso.
2. Ferdinand Diephuis (14 January 1881 Groningen, Netherlands-3 October 1967 The Hague, Netherlands), since 29 October 1926 director.