Thursday, 27 July 2017

US Navy building smaller battleships than first intended according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1916-1917 no. 7



An item referred to the Shipping Illustrated that the despite the intention of the US Navy to built 36.000 tons with a main armament of 10-40,6cm guns was in 1916 chosen for 4-32.000 ton battleships with a main armament of 8-40,6cm guns. The reason for this decision was that the ships would more be like the California-class (1) which resulted in a smaller building time than when chosen was for a new design.

1. The Tennessee-class consisted of the California and Tennessee with a displacement of 33.723 tons and a main armament of 12-35,6cm/14”/50 cal guns built between 1916-1921, succeeded by the Colorado-class consisting of the Colorado, Maryland, West Virginia and the never completed Washington, built between 1917-1924 with a displacement of 33.600 tons (32.600 long tons) and an armament of 4x2-40,6cm/16”/45 cal guns.