Thursday, 27 July 2017

Anti torpedo boat battery of USS Arizona almost always usable according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1916-1917 no. 7


An item referred to the Scientific American dated 25 November 1916 reporting that also the Arizona (1) was fitted out with a central fire-control system. While at older ships the anti torpedo battery was mounted on a relative low vessel, was this on board of the Arizona with the battery on such a high level that she could be used under almost every weather conditions.

1. Part of the Pennsylvania-class consisting of the Pennsylvania and Arizona, preceded by the Nevada-class and succeeded by the New Mexico-class. To be built under the 1913 fiscal year was a design asked with 4x3-14” guns, 22-12,7cm/5” guns and a speed of 21 knots and a armour comparable with that of the Nevada-class. At least 10 preliminary designs were proposed of which the 7th was chosen and further worked out. Building ordered on 4 March 1913, laid down at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on 16 March 1914, launched on 19 June 1915, commissioned on 17 October 1916, modernized at the New York Navy Yard in 1929-1931, including replacing her turbines, sunk during the Japanese aircraft on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 7 December 1941, decommissioned on 20 December 1941 and stricken on 1 December 1942. Her wrecks is still visible. The anti torpedo boat battery consisted of 22x1-12,7cm/5”/51 guns.