Friday, 14 July 2017

US Navy sending warships to the harbours along the US Pacific coast according to the Dutch newspaper Soerabaijsch handelsblad dated 18 September 1940

An item dated San Diego, USA 17th reported that the Secretary of the Navy Knox (1) stated that a group of 15 American warships departed on the 15h Honolulu, Hawaii bound for the American Pacific coast harbours. This first group was to be followed by another 2, each of around 30 vessels. Each group would stay in the American territorial waters for revision and to pay visits. All was to be done to prepare the new bases in the Atlantic Ocean and he was against the proposal done to start with a new canal through Nicaragua regarded the crisis. The building of new locks in the Panama Canal at that moment going on, was far more important. To protect this canal better against air attacks were more airbases to be founded.

1. William Franklin Knox (1 January 1974, Boston, Massachusetts, USA-28 April 1944 Washington, D.C., USA), Republican politician, Secretary of the Navy 11 July 1940-28 April 1944.