Friday, 14 July 2017

Germans claiming loss of British battleship HMS Nelson according to the Dutch newspaper Nieuwsblad van het Noorden dated 4 June 1940

An item referred to an statement of the German armed forces reporting that the British battleships HMS Nelson already was lost on 11 May 1940.(1

1. Sister ship Rodney. Pennant 28. A simplified design of the N-3 battleships which was cancelled by the British Royal navy as a result of the Washing Naval Treaty of 1922. She was to able to compete with the USS Colorado and the Japanese Nagato battleship classes. Her building was ordered in 1922, laid down on 28 December at Armstrong-Whitworth, Newcastle launched on 3 September 1925, commissioned on 15 August 1927, 1941-1942 extensively repairs needed as a result of an Italian torpedo, decommissioned in February 1948 and on 15 March a year begun her breaking up.