Wednesday, 2 August 2017

American Electric Boat Company submarine design Type 10 dated 28 March 1906

To create a submarine able to serve for longer periods and with a larger range was the displacement increased compared with the type 9. So was a larger and dryer superstructure planned. In fact was the type 10 an increased and modified type 9 and often was for specifications referred to the type 9. The submerged displacement was to be 520 tons with as dimensions 150 (over all) x 16 feet. Instead of gasoline main engines were now commercial kerosene fuelled engines planned.

Speed in light condition (ballast tanks empty but loaded with normal supply of fuel, torpedoes, stores and so on) with main engines 13 knots, endurance 110 hours and a range of 1.430 nautical miles. With a cruising speed of 9 knots was the endurance 245 hours and the range 2.200 nautical miles. Guaranteed maximum surfaced speed in light condition with the oil fuelled engines was 12½ knots and the endurance 100 hours. Guaranteed maximum range in light condition using the oil fuelled engines 12.00 knots with a speed around 9 knots.
Maximum sustained speed in submerged condition 9½ knots, endurance 3½ hours and range 32 nautical miles. With a speed of 7½ knots was the designed endurance 8 hours and range 60 nautical miles. With a speed of 5½ knots was the designed endurance 30 hours and the range 165 nautical miles. Guaranteed maximum sustained submerged speed 8¾ knots and an endurance of 3 hours. Guaranteed submerged endurance with a speed of 7 knots was 50 knots and with a speed of 4¾ knots 135 knots.

Diving time from light condition to submerged condition in 6 minutes and from intermediate condition to submerged condition on 3½ minutes. Within 8 seconds was it possible to reverse the screws between under oil fuelled engines going maximum speed ahead and propeller shafts beginning to reverse.

Able to fire 6 torpedoes within 5 minutes while being in submerged condition.

Archive Kon. Mij. De Schelde 1875-1960 (Municipality Archive Vlissingen) T 214.802.