Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dutch screw steamship 4th class Bonaire 1876-

Den Helder, Netherlands 23 and 24 May 2017

Laid down at the shipyard of the Nederlandse Stoomboot Maatschappij Fijenoord, Netherlands with yard number 98 on 27 September 1876, launched in the afternoon 0f 12 May 1877, trial on the Haringvliet on Wednesday 26th September, commissioned on 1 May 1880, converted into accommodation ship for the torpedo service at the navy yard at Hellevoetsuis, Netherlands 1902, fitted out at the navy yard at Hellevoetsluis to be used for the engineers school at Dordrecht, Netherlands, brought back to Hellevoetsluis August 1923, stricken, handed over to the boarding school of the marine academy at Delfzijl, Netherlands and renamed Abel Tasman, out of service in 1988, brought to Den Helder, Netherlands 1996 and since then being restored to retain her original appearance, dimensions 45,00-53,60 x 9,00 x 3,60 metres and a displacement of  850 ton, iron-built and wood-planked and zinc plated, horsepower 90 nhp/410 ehp allowing a speed of 9,2 miles, her crew numbered 84 men and her main armament consisted of 1-15cm gun and 3-12cm guns to which 2-3,7cm revolver guns and 1-12cm mortar were added.