Monday, 7 August 2017

Dutch torpedo boat Hr. Ms. Z 5 1914-1945

Model marine museum Den Helder, Netherlands

Archive Machinefabriek en Ketelmakerij Kon. Mij De Schelde 506.917

Tender registered on 25 July 1913, ordered for a contracted price of ƒ 410.000,00 on 7/14 August 1913, laid down by Kon. Mij. De Schelde, Vlissingen, Netherlands with yard number 157 between the two submarine storehouses on the North bank on 16 March 1914, in the thrushes on 24 October 1914, plating fitted in end November 1914, launched on 1 April 1915, trials executed while berthed on 9 November 1916, technical trial on 30 November 1916, official trials between 12-14 December 1916, delivered to the Royal Netherlands Navy on 8 February 1917, converted at the Rijkswerf Willemsoord, Netherlands into a patrol vessel for service in the Dutch West Indies in 1931-1932, converted into a pickup boat for torpedoes including removal of the torpedo guns in 1937, added to the submarine service and stationed at Dundee, Scotland on 16 June 1940, decommissioned and handed to the British Royal Navy in May 1943, commissioned as HMS Blade (H97), nicknamed Razor Blade due to the sharp bow, returned to the Royal Netherlands Navy on 9 April 1945 and broken up at Troon, Scotland in October 1945. Building costs complete fitted out at the first time she was commissioned were ƒ 484.000.

Dimensions 58,2 (between perpendiculars) x 6,0 x 3,45 (hold) x 0,83 (launching)-1,66 metres or 192’0” x 19’8” x 11’4”x 5’6” and a displacement of 117 (launching with 3 boilers on board)-263 (standard)- 310 tons. Weight armament 15,3 tons, fitting out (crew) and stores 19,7 tons and hull with finish 118 tons. Crew numbered 39 men. Bunker capacity was 75 ton coal and 7 ton oil, in 1939 100 ton fuel oil. Range with a speed of 20 knots was 425 miles and with 10 knots 2.300 miles. Able to continue full power during 10 hours. Two masts. Two funnels. Two 3 bladed screws. Machinery consisted of 2-4cylinder triple steam engines No.’s 307-308 of 375rpm and a stroke of 18” and 3 Yarrow water tube boilers (one boiler removed in 1937) delivering 5.800 hp allowing a speed of 27,04 knots. Original armament 2-7,5cm No. 4 guns, 2 No. 3 machineguns and 4-45cm torpedo guns.