Thursday, 3 August 2017

Former Dutch navy tugs Dombo (Y8017) and Y8122

Den Helder, Netherlands 23 May 2017

Hr. Ms. Dombo (Y8017
Built by Rijkswerf Willemsoord, Den Helder, Netherlands with yard number 275 in 1955. Dimensions 16,58 (maximum) x 4,63 (maximum) x 1,90 metres, displacement 43 tons. Fitted out with a Bolnes 200hp diesel and a crew numbering 4 men. Also fitted out to be as icebreaker. Until 1990 used as harbour tug and since then as environment vessel and since 2000 property of the Stichting Y8122.

Former harbour steam tug Hr. Ms. Y8122, laid down by Rijkswerf Willemsoord, Den Helder, Netherlands with yard number 15 in 1935, launched on 24 September 1936, commissioned as the Sleepdienst III in 1937, in 1946 as Sleepdienst IV recommissioned, renamed RS04 in 1947, decommissioned on 30 January 1948, laid up at The Hague, Netherlands waiting to be sold, begin conversion into a heat (emission) vessel in 1948, given back to the navy to serve as the heat vessel RK23 without steam engine, anchors, winch, steering gear and so on, removal of the accommodation fore and placing a new funnel. Reclassified as A844 in 1950, Y8590 in 1953, Y8122 since September 1956, converted from coal in oil fuelled and replacing coalbunkers by oil tanks in 1976, stricken in 1990, property of the Stichting Nautische Monumenten, Den Helder since 12 September 1992 and since 9 November 2006 of the Stichting Y8122. Crew numbered 4 men. Dimensions 19,29 (maximum) x 4,97 (maximum) x 1,42 (medium) metres.