Thursday, 3 August 2017

Italian navy ordered at Ansaldo building of 4 Angelo-class submarines according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1925 no. 3

An item reported that the new Italian submarines of the O-type (the Angelo-class) to be built by Ansaldo, San Giorgio were to be named Ballila, Antonio Sciesa, Enrico Toti and Domenico Millelire. Dimensions 86 x 7,5 x 4,30metres and a displacement of 1.020 (surfaced)-1.280 (submerged) tons. Armanent would probably consist of 8-53,3cm torpedo tubes each loaded and 4 spare torpedoes, 2-10,2cm L/50 anti aircraft guns each with 450 rounds and 1-53,3cm mine tube aft loaded with 6 mines and 12 spare mines. Were they primarily used as torpedo weapon were 18 torpedoes taken with them, if used as minelayer were 54 mines be carried. Machinery consisted of 2-2.500hp engines allowing a surfaced speed of 18,5 miles. Fuel bunker capacity 70 (normal)-140 (maximum) tons. Economic speed with one engine was 8 miles, range 4.500-9.000 miles. Submerged speed 10 miles, with a speed of 4 miles was the range 110 miles. Diving time around 30 seconds.