Saturday, 5 August 2017

French heavy cruiser Tourville launched according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1926 no. 7



An item referred to the Revue Maritime dated 1926 no. 82 reporting that the French cruiser Tourville was launched in August. Dimensions 185 x 19 x 6 metres. Horsepower 130.000 hp allowing a speed of 33 knots. Crew was to number 624 men including 24 officers. Armament consisted of 4x2-20,3m guns, 16 7,5 and 4cm anti aircraft guns and 2x3 torpedo tubes.(1)

1. Of the Duquesne-class heavy cruisers, consisting of the Duquesne and Tourville, preceded by the Duguay Trouin-class and succeeded by the Suffren-class, laid down at the Lorient Navy Yard, France on 14 April 1925, launched on 24 August 1926, commissioned on 1 December 1928 and condemned on 8 March 1962. With a displacement of 10.00 (standard0-12.000 (full load) tons. Armament consisted of 4x2-20,3cm/8” guns, 8x1-7,5cm/1.5” and 4x2-3,7cm/1.5” anti aircraft guns and 4x3-55cm/22” torpedo tubes.