Saturday, 5 August 2017

US Navy building Pensacola-class heavy cruisers according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1926 no. 7



An item referred to the Revue Maritime dated 1926 no. 82 reporting that the American Press published some details about the two new 10.000 ton cruisers of the Pensacola-class just laid down. While it was said it were 10.000 ton cruiser was the displacement in practice to be 11.568 tons when loaded with fuel and so on and fully loaded even 12.700 tons. The designed speed was 32.5 miles.(1)

1. The Pensacola-class heavy cruisers consisting of the Pensacola (1926-1948) and Salt Lake City (1927-1948), were the first treaty cruisers built under the limitations of the Washington Naval Treaty (10.000 tons+8” guns), preceded by the St. Louis-class and succeeded by the Northampton-class. Speed was 32,5 knots and the main armament 2x2&2x3-20,3cm/8” /55cal guns.