Friday, 4 August 2017

Guided missile frigate Hr. Ms. De Ruyter (F806) 1971-2001

Dutch cruiser De Zeven Provincien around 1971

Part of her bridge with the dome containing the 3-D radars before the dome is the 12-cm gun of her sister ship preserved. 

The bridge

Inside the dome
Den Helder, Netherlands 24 May 2017

Laid down by De Schelde, Vlissingen, Netherlands on 22 December 1971, launched on 9 March 1974, commissioned on 3 June 1976 and decommissioned and broken up on 3 October 2001. 

Part of the Tromp-class guided missile frigates consisting of the Tromp and De Ruyter. A preliminary design was made for the Defence program 1966 with the intention to built this frigates as replacement of the old cruisers De Ruyter and De Zeven Provinciën, flagships of the Netherlands Royal Navy. The frigates were to serve as flagships with increased communications equipment and accommodation for a squadron commander and his staff and  air defence on medium distance for the same squadron. 

General technical details. With a displacement of 4.500 ton were the dimensions 138 x 14,8 x 4,6 metres. The crew included a staff numbered 306 men. The machinery consisted of 2xRolls Royce Olympus gas turbines (COGOG) of 50.000 hp and 2-8.000hp Rolls Royce Tyne gas turbines allowing a speed of 27 knots. The armament consisted of 1x2-12cm Bofors gun, Tartar Standard Missiles against aircraft in medium distance, NATO Sea Sparrow against aircraft, 8 McDonnell Douglas Harpoon SSM missiles and since the 1980’s a 3cm rapid fire Goalkeeper gun,2-2cm Oerlikon machineguns and 6 torpedo tubes on a reversible mountings on deck. Very advanced 3-D radar systems in a dome. Could carry one Westland SH.14B Lynx helicopter.