Sunday, 11 February 2018

British Royal Navy was the first defence of line for the United Kingdom according to the Dutch newspaper Marineblad dated 1936 no. 2

An item referred to the statement of admiral Beatty (1) that the British Royal Navy was the first defence of line. The fleet possessed at that moment over 15 battleships, 51 cruisers, 161 destroyers and 51 submarines. In 1914 at the start of the First World War was the fleet much larger with 69 battleships, 108 cruisers, 216 destroyers and 74 submarines. The fleet needed to be renewed starting with 5 battleships and 2 battle cruisers and further more cruisers and submarines. The naval airforce needed also to be strengthened with at least 50%. Total estimated budget was 150 million pound sterling.

1. David Richard Beatty, 1st earl Beatty (17 January 1871 Stapeley, Cheshire, England-12 March 1836 London, England), served in the British Royal navy between 1884-1927 ending his career in the rank of fleet admiral.