Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Russian gunboat Mandzhur and her faith illustrated in in the Dutch newspaper Rotterdamsch nieuwsblad dated 22 February 1904

The Mandzhur was laid down by Burmeister&Wain, Copenhagen, Denmark in July 1886, launched on 4 December 1886, completed in June 1887, interned during the Russo-Japanese war at Shanghai by the Chinese government between 9 February 1904 and September 1905, was captured by Japanese and the Russian White armies at Vladivostok on 30 June 1918, left for the Manila, Philippines in October 1922 where she was sold a year later.

The war between the Japanese and Russian emperies -a clash between an Far East and an European major power- was worldwide followed and continuous published newspapers the latest news and rumours. The news however was not always reliable as was shown what happened with the Mandzhur as was reported in telegrams and illustrated by a Dutch newspaper.

Tokyo. 8th February, destroyed by a Japanese torpedo

Tokyo. 9th February, in sinking condition

Tokyo. 10th February, still floating although without a rudder unable to manoeuvre

London. 11th February, heavily damaged towed back to the harbour

Paris, 12th, returned to her anchorage after with success repelled the Japanese

St. Petersburg, 13th, with the war flag hoisted ready for the battle