Saturday, 2 June 2018

British battleship HMS Collingwood fitted out with searchlights and torpedo nets according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1909-1910 no. 8

An item reported that the British 19.250 ton battleship HMS Collingwood of the Vincent-class was to be fitted out with 20 paired search lights which cooperated with the 10,2cm/4” quick firing guns. She was also fitted out with torpedo nets improved after the latest experiments on board of the HMS Dreadnought and Minotaur.(1)

1. Of the St. Vincent-class consisting of the St. Vincent, Vanguard and Collingwood, preceded by the Bellerophon-class and succeeded by the Neptune-class. Laid down at the navy yard at Devonport, England on 3 February 1908, launched on 7 November 1908, commissioned on 19 March 1910, tender of the HMS Vivid and used as gunnery and wireless telegraphy training ships since 1 October 1919, in reserve since August 1920, boys training ship since 22 September 1921, paid off on 31 March 1922 and sold to John Casmore Limited to be broken up on 12 December 1922 and arrived for this purpose at Newport, England on 3 March 1923. Building costs included armament 1.680.888 pound sterling.