Friday, 8 June 2018

Dutch built Belgian motor trawler Jeannette executed with success trials according to the Dutch magazine Schip en Werf dated 24 April 1931

An item reported that the for Belgian account by the Scheepsbouw Gebr. Pot, Bolnes, Netherlands tug steel motor trawler Jeannette with success executed her trial on the Eems. Dimensions 25,80 x 6,20 x 3,20 metres. Fitted out with 1-4 cylinder four stroke Stork diesel (without a compressor) allowing a medium speed of 10,5 miles. The edition dated 3 July 1931 supplied more details dealing with this ship. Dimensions 25,9 (between prows)-29 (over all) x 6,20 (over thrushes) x 3,20 (hold midshipsection) x 3,00 (aft) metres. Divided in 6 compartments by 5 watertight bulkheads. Oil bunker capacity 10 tons. Capacity fish hold 60 cubic metres.