Saturday, 2 June 2018

French minister of navy Boué de Lapeyère wanted just 6-750 ton destroyers according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1909-1910 no. 8

An item reported that the French minister of navy (1) decided to built 6 in stead of 10 750 ton destroyers. Their dimensions were 71-76 x 7,4-7,9 x 2,75-3 metres, with a turbines machinery delivering a horsepower of 13.000-14.000hp, a speed of 31 miles and a range of 1.170 nautical miles with a speed of 14 miles. The crew was to number 4 officers and 58 sailors. The armament was to consist of 2-10cm quick firing guns, 4-6,5cm quick firing guns and 2 torpedo guns.

1. Augustin Boué de Lapeyère (18 January 1852 Castéra-Lectourois-17 February 1924 Pau), navy officer ending his career 1869-1916 in the rank of admiral and minister between 24 July 1909-2 March 1911?