Friday, 8 June 2018

The Romanian Oltenita shipyard according to a CIA report dated 23 November 1955

An item reported that the Romanian Oltenita shipyard alongside the Danube river south of the town Bucharest was mainly used for maintenance of Romanian and Soviet vessels active on the Danube and further more for building fishing boats. In 1954 were just 6 fishing vessels built and furthermore 12 tugs. The new machinery of the yard was partly made in the Soviet Union and partly aboard. The yard was a responsibility of the Department of Navy and Aviation and was managed by engineer Ion Petrescu while engineer Detu Dragonir was head of the assembly department. The yard personnel consisted of around 800 labourers, 150 ship construction specialists and furthermore clerks.

The report was published on, document number CIA-RDP80-00810A008400940002-7