Sunday, 8 July 2018

Polish twin screw diesel-electric icebreaker Perkun 1962-1994 (Sapphire N.M. 1994-1996

Contracted bollard pull 25 (astern)-35 (ahead) tons. Horsepower delivered by 4 Ruston uni-directional engines delivering 3.500bhp Minimum contracted speed 13 knots. Dimensions 48,80 (between perpendiculars) x 13,20 (moulded) x 4,65 (moulded) x 5,03 (moulded depth to main deck)-7,32 (moulded depth to upper deck) metres or 160.0 x 44.9 x 16.3 x 1.6-24.6 feet. Gross tonnage 1.152 tons and deadweight 272 tons.. Designed by Burness, Corlett and Partners Limited, Basingstoke to serve in the Bay of Pomerania and the Gulf of Gdansk, Szczecin-Swinoujacis and other parts of the Baltic Sea. Was to be able to break ice with a thickness of 20centimetres and to disperse pack ice with a height o6 feet. Renamed Sapphire N.M. in 1994 and Honduras-flagged, call sign HQMN3. IMO 5407746. Built by the shipyard of P.K. Harris, Appledore, United Kingdom in 1962 for account of the Polish Salvage Company. Commissioned in 1963, sold to the Gulf Development Corporation EC, San Lorenzo and broken up in Pakistan in 1996.