Monday, 9 July 2018

Russian Foxtrot-class submarine

Zeebrugge, Netherlands 30 June 2018

The Project 641 class preceded by the Zulu-class and succeeded by the Tango-class was named Foxtrot by the NATO. Totally 58 were built between 1957-1983 by the Sudomek division, Admiralty Shipyard/Yard 196, Leningrad/St. Petersburg, Russia for the Soviet navy. Together for the submarines for other countries is the total number 74 boats. Foxtrot submarines were used by the Soviet/Russian, Libyan, Indian, Cuban, Ukrainian and Polish navies.

Displacement 1.983 (surfaced)-2.515 (submerged) tons and as dimensions 89,9 x 7,4 x 5,9 metres or 294.11 x 24.3 x 19.4 feet. The machinery consisted of 3-2.000hp diesels and 3-electric motors (2x1.350&1x2,700hp) and 1-80hp auxiliary motor driving 3 shafts and 3 screws allowing a speed of 16 (surfaced)-15 (submerged)-9 (snorkelling) knots and a range of 20.000 (surfaced with a speed of 8 knots)-11.000 (snorkelling)-380 (submerged with a speed of 2 knots) nautical miles. Able to stay 3-5 days while submerged. Test diving depth varied between 246 metres/807 feet-296 metres/971 feet. Their crew numbered 78 men. The armament consisted of 10-53,3cm/21” torpedo tubes (6 bow, 4 stern) for which 22 torpedoes could be carried.