Tuesday, 7 February 2017

German armoured cruiser SMS Yorck sunk after hitting German mines according to the Dutch newspaper Bataviaasch nieuwsblad dated 6 November 1914


An item dated Amsterdam, Netherlands referred to an official telegram received from Berlin, Germany reporting that the German cruiser Yorck hit a chain of mines which blockade the entrance to the Jade bay causing her sinking. At that moment were over the half of her crew more as 382 men rescued.(1)

1. Armoured cruiser. Laid down with the provisional name Ersatz Deutschland as at the Blohm&Voss shipyard, Hamburg, Germany with yard number 167 in 1902, launched on 14 May 1904, completed on 21 November 1905, lost when she hit a German minefield after an attack on Yarmouth, England on 3-4 November 1914 and since then broken up in 1929-1930, 1965 and which was completed not earlier as in 1982. Of the Roon-class consisting of the Roon and Yorck, preceded by the Prinz Adalbert-class and succeeded by the Scharnhorst-class. Building costs 16.241.000 German Goldmarks.