Saturday, 25 March 2017

Russian Delta-III class ballistic missile nuclear submarine (project 667BDR Kal‘mar) 1974-

Double hulled consisting of a thin low magnetic steel made outer hull and thicker inner pressure hull. For safety reasons is the hull divided into 10 waterproof compartments. Preceded by the Delta II class and succeeded by the Delta IV and the Typhoon classes. For the original design is a subclass derived from special purposes (Project 09786). There were 14 Delta III submarines completed at the Severnoye Mashinostroitelnoye Predpriyatie, Severodvinsk of which the first (K-424) was laid down on 30 January 1974 and the last one (K-44_ on 31 January 1970, commissioned on 17 September 1982 and still n service after major modernisations.

Displacement 10.600 (surfaced)-13.700 (submerged) tons and as dimensions 155 x 11,7 x 8,7 metres or 509 x 38 x 29 feet. Diving depth 320 (operational)-400 (maximum) metres. Horsepower 60.000 shp. Speed 14 (surface)-24 (submerged) knots. Crew numbered 130 (included 40 officers) persons. The armament consisted of 4-53,3cm/21” torpedo tubes in the bow for which 16 torpedoes were carried and further more 16 RSM-50-R-29R Vysota missiles.