Saturday, 25 March 2017

Russian submarine search and rescue ship Igor Belousov 2005-

Project number 21300 Delfin. Dimensions 97,8 x 17,2 x 10,6 (depth amidships) metres and a full load displacement p 5.037 tons. Maximum speed 15 knots, With an economic speed 12 knots) is her range 3.500 nautical miles and bale to stay 30 days at sea. Crew numbered 96 men with an addition accommodation for 120 persons (60 in pressure chambers). Laid down at the Admiralty Shipyards, St. Petersburg, Russia on 24 December 2005, launched on 31 October 2012, sea trials in 2014-2015,  was she to be delivered in 2015. Originally planned to be commissioned in 2010. Armed with 2x10 5,5cm DP-65 grenade launchers (560 RG-55M grenades), a 9K38 Igla SAM system for 12-8M39 missiles and further more is she fitted out with a helipad.