Wednesday, 12 April 2017

British dreadnought HMS Colossus launched according to the Dutch newspaper Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indië dated 11 April 1910


An item reported the launching at Greenock, England of the ninth British dreadnought HMS Colossus. The audience of more as 200.000 persons was very enthusiastic.(1)

1. Ordered under the 1908 Naval Estimates, laid down by Scotts Shipbuilding, Greenock, England on 8 July 1909, launched on 9 April 1910, commissioned on 8 August 1911, for disposal since 30 June 1921, served as a boys’ training ship, training hulk since 23 July 1923, sold to be broken up ito Charlestown Shipbreaking Industries in August 1928 which started on 5 September 1928. Of the Colossus-class consisting of the Hercules and the Colossus, preceded by the Neptune-class and succeeded by the Orion-class. Originally part of the Neptune-class but with a thicker armour and some other differences classified as an own separate class.