Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The extensive French building program of smaller warships according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1923

Duguay-Trouin class

An item referred to the German magazine Schiffbau reporting that in 1923 France was to start with the building of the 3 small cruisers Duguay-Trouin, Lamotte-Piquet and Primaguet of 8.000 tons with turbine machinery allowing a speed of 34 miles and with a speed of 15 miles a range of 4.875 nautical miles. The armament was to consist of 4x2-15,2cm placed on the centreline (2 turrets for and 2 aft), 4-7,6cm anti aircraft guns and 12-56cm torpedo tubes. Further were 6-2.500 tons destroyer leaders with a speed of 35,5 miles, a range of 2.600 miles with 18 miles speed and an armament of 3x2-13cm guns, 2-7,6cm anti aircraft guns and 6-56cm torpedo tubes. 12-1.400 tons destroyers with a speed of 32,5 miles and an armament of 4-13cm gun, 2-7,6cm anti aircraft guns and 4-56cm torpedo tubes, 6-1.100 tons 1st class submarines with a speed of 16 miles and finally 6-600 tons submarines with a speed of 14 miles to be built. The smaller submarines were to be used for patrol duties although it was yet known for coastal defence or reconnaissance. This large program of smaller warships was caused by a strong opposition within the French navy against battleships. In the magazine was remarked that the destroyer leaders made a perfect combination with the cruisers regarded economic and maximum speed. However the editors believed that the maximum speed of the smaller destroyers was not high enough. Regarded the artillery and torpedo tubes formed the 3 types one unit.