Thursday, 13 April 2017

French light cruiser Duguay-Trouin executing trials according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1926 no. 4

Duguay-Trouin class

An item referred to the Naval and Military Record dated 31 March 1926 reporting that the French light cruiser Duguay Trouin built at the navy yard at Brest, France in the last six months executed trials. The 8 (narrow blowpipe) water tube boilers supplied enough steam for delivering 120.000hp (design was 100.000hp) with well performing 4 geared Parsons turbines. During the latest full speed trial in the Bay of Biscay however was she again harassed by damaged condensers and was to be towed back to the harbour.(1)

1. Part of the Duguay-Trouin class light cruisers consisting of the Duguay-Trouin, Laomoot-Picguet and Primauget, succeeded by the Jeanne d’Arc. Design progress started mid-1919 and in which Italy was considered to be the opponent especially in the control of the Mediterreanean. At the end of the same year was the Project 171 design completed but as the navy and the chief off the general staff had their objections was the design stricken in February 1920. Against the end that year were four designs available using the hull design of the American Omaha-class cruisers. Of these four designs was chosen for design C and two years was the building ordered although there were still objections against the design. For launching the 2 Gourdou-Leseurre GL-812 HY flying boats (later replaced by the GL-832) was on the quarter deck a catapult available. In the 1930’s were the Duguay-Trouin and the Primauget fitted out with just one Loire 130 plane. Laid down at the Arsenal de Brest on 4 August 1922, launched on 14 August 1923, commissioned on 2 November 1926 and decommissioned on 19 March 1952.