Wednesday, 26 April 2017

US cabinet wanted to salvage sunken armoured cruiser USS Maine according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 17 October 1910

An item reported that the president Taft approved the plans to salvage the in 1898 in the harbour of Havana, Cuba sunk American battleship USS Maine.(1) The operation was to be completed before 15 February 1911 and supervised by a military engineering officer. The Spanish cabinet was invited to sent a representative to the salvage with as purpose that Spain and the USA would agree what if the explosion causing the sinking of the ship was internal or external.

1. ACR-1. Building ordered on 3 August 1886, laid down at the New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, New York, USA on 17 October 1888, launched on 18 November 1889, sponsored by Alice Tracy Wilmerding, commissioned on 17 September 1895 and finally sunk after an explosion while ling in the harbour of Havana, Cuba on 15 February 1898. The wreck was scuttled in the Strait of Florida on 16 March 1912. Building costs 4.677.788,75. Her loss was of the reasons which caused the war between the USA and Spain(25 April-12 August 1898). Succeeded by the USS New York.