Friday, 5 May 2017

Austro-Hungarian torpedo gunboat SMS Komet 1888-1920


Laid down by Schichau, Elbing on 23 April 1888, launched on 18 August 1888, commissioned on 25 October 1888, handed over to Italy as part of the war reparations in 1920 and broken up. Displacement 358-420 tons and as dimensions 60,7 metres x 7,242 x2,35 metres. Machinery consisted of 1-3 cylinder triple expansion engine and 2 locomotive boilers, speed 20,6 knots and coal bunker capacity of 104 tons. Armament consisted original of 9-4,7cm quick firing guns and 1-35cm torpedo tubes. In 1918 2-7cm L/45 quick firing guns, 6-4,7cm quick firing guns and 2-45cm torpedo tubes. Crew numbered 51 men.