Friday, 5 May 2017

Austro-Hungarian torpedo gunboat SMS Meteor 1886-1920


Of the Meteor-class consisting of the Meteor, Komet and Blitz. Laid down by Schichau, Elbing in December 1886, launched on 15 May 1887, commissioned on 3 September 1887, handed over to Italy as part of the war reparations in 1920 and broken up. Displacement 360 tons and as dimensions 58,7 x 7,40 x 3,06 metres. Machinery consisted of 1-3 cylinder triple expansion steam engines and 2 locomotive boilers, speed 23,1 knots and coal bunker capacity 100 tons. Armament consisted original of 9-4,7cm quick firing guns and 1-34cm torpedo tube. In 1918 1-7cm gun, 6-4,7cm quick firing guns, 1 machinegun and 2 torpedo tubes. Crew numbered 61 men.