Monday, 15 May 2017

British battleship HMS Nelson nearly hit by HMS Thunderer during gunnery exercises according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1913-1914 no. 6

Lord Nelson-class

HMS Thunderer

An item reported the narrow escape of a disaster during target gunnery practices. The HMS Nelson (1)was towing the target of the HMS Thundered (2) when a uncontrolled shell passed between the two funnels of the Nelson.

1. This must be the Nord Nelson of the Of the Lord-Nelson-class. Laid down at the shipyard of Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Jarrow, England on 18 May 1905, launched on 4 September 1906, completed in Ictober 1908, commissioned on 1 December 1907, decommissioned in May 1919 and sold to be broken up to Stanlee Shipbreaking Company, Dover, England on 4 June 1920, resold to Slough Trading Company on 8 November 1920 and then resold to Germany and towed towards to be broken up in January 1922.
2. Building ordered under 1909 Naval Estimates. Laid down by Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company, Canning Town/Blackwall on 13 April 1910, launched on 1 February 1011, commissioned in May 1912, decommissioned in 1921, seagoing cadet training ship since 1922 and sold to be broken up in November 1926 which was executed at Hughes Bolckow. Building costs 1.892.823 pond sterling and she caused the bankruptcy of the shipyard which built her. Of the Orion-class preceded by the Orion, Monarch, Conqueror and Thunderer consisting of the Colossus-class and succeeded by the King George V-class.