Friday, 5 May 2017

New design for French scouts or cruisers according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1913-1914 no. 9

An item referred to the magazine Le Yacht dated 31 January 1914 reported that the Section permanent du Conseil supérieur de la Marine choose for scouts with a displacement of 6.000-6.500 tons, a speed of 27 knots and a main armament of 10-14cm/5.5” guns. Seaworthiness and hull strength were important  design conditions. After examination of the results with the Jurien and the Chateaurenault and what other navies built was the new scout to have a displacement of 6.000 tons and as dimensions 145 (between perpendiculars) x 15,20 x 6,30 A(ft) metres. Proportion length:beam 9,54. Designed horsepower annex speed was 34.000 hp and 27 knots. The armament was to consist of 10x1-4,14cm guns (1xforecastle, 1xpoop deck, 2x2 in the broadsides) protected by gun shields, 3-4,7cm guns for the boats and 2-45cm/17.71” submerged. Torpedo tubes. Light armoured steel made hull. The engine and boiler rooms were protected by 2-4cm thick horizontal deck. Hull and armour were 5cm thick with a vertical height of 1,22 metres below the waterline and 4,60 metres above the waterline Calculations made clear that to increase the speed with 1 knot 7.000 hp more was needed, and for a speed of 29 knots was even 50.000 hp needed. Another possibility to lengthen her hull to 151 metres just increased the speed with 0.4 knot with the risk of a decreased resistance of the hull. To be fitted out with 6-90cm search lights.