Monday, 22 May 2017

The new Austria-Hungarian Erzherzog Karl-class battleships according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1901-1902 no. 11

Erzherzog Karl-class


An item referred to the magazine le Yacht reporting that the Austrian 11.000 tons battleships were to be armed with 2x2-24cm/9.4” guns protected by 24cm thick armour, 8-19cm/7.5” guns mounted in a battery of which the forward and afterward guns could support bow- and stern fire, 4-15cm guns in casemates protected by 15cm thick armour, above en between the 19cm guns 14-7,5cm guns, 12 smaller calibre guns and 4 machineguns. Between the barbettes was the armour 21cm thick above lengthened by 12,5cm armour, before and aft was a 24cm thick armour bulkhead and an armour deck of 7cm (ends)-5cm (amidships).(1)

1. The Erzherzog Karl-class 10,640 tons battle ships consisting of the Erzherzog Karl, Erzherzog Ferdinand Max and Erzherzog Friedrich, preceded by the Habsburg-class and succeeded by the Radetzky-class.