Friday, 28 July 2017

British protected cruiser 1st class HMS Blake 1888-1922




Part of the Blake-class consisting of the Blake and Blenheim, preceded by the Orlando-class and succeeded by the Edgar-class. Designed under Director of Naval Construction William White. Laid down at the Chatham Dockyard in July 1888, launched on 23 November 1889. Troop transport in 1901, destroyer depot ship since 1907, in the First World War serving for the 11th Destroyer Flotilla and sold to be broken up on 9 June 1922.

Displacement 9.150 tons and as dimensions 114,30 (between perpendiculars)-121,84 (over all) x 19,81 x 7,32 (normal)-7,6 (maximum) metres or 375-399.9 x 65 x 24-25 feet. Machinery consisted of 4-3 cylinder triple expansion steam engines with 6 double-ended cylindrical boilers delivering via 2-shafts 13.000 ihp (natural draught)-20.000 ihp (forced draught) resulting in a speed of 20 (natural draught)-22 (forced draught). With a coal bunker capacity of 1.800 tons was the range 15.000 (designed)-10.000 (actual) miles. Crew numbered 570 men. Armour consisted of a 76mm/3”-15,2cm/6” thick deck, 11cm/4.5” thick gunshields with the conning tower protected by 30cm/12”. The armament consisted of 2x1-23,4cm/9.2” Mk VI breech loading guns, 10-16,2cm/6” quick firing guns, 16-4,7cm/3pd Hotchkiss quick firing guns and 4-35,6cm/14” torpedo tubes (2 submerged, 2 surfaced above the waterline). As a destroyer depot ship was her armament reduced to 4-15,2cm/6” guns and 2-10,2cm/4” guns.