Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Former Dutch tug Jeanne sunk off coast of Java, Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper De Indische courant dated 12 May 1930

An item reported that the in the past bought small steamboat Jeanne, towed by the Krakatau towards Surabaya to be laid up sunk in worse weather with high seas in the night of the 7th 50 miles south of the coast Java in deep water. The hatches were tightened with but she was not manned. It seemed that there was a leak in the hull of the old ship while she was making water. The crew of the Krakatau to keep her floating during the day but in the next night she still sunk. The Dienst van Scheepvaart was not interested to get the Jeanne while she was useless and to find a buyer was an illusion. She was bought for defence tasks at Tjilatjap, Dutch East Indies. Another newspaper Het nieuws van den voor Nederlandsch-Indië dated  8 May 1930 reported that the Jeanne was a old small tug which lied for years at Tjilatjap ready for duty under the defence regulations. Since the new regulations was she no longer needed. While there was not a single government service interested was she underway to the naval establishment at Surabaya.