Wednesday, 12 July 2017

German auxiliary cruiser SMS Möwe returned home Nieuwsblad van het Noorden dated 22 March 1917

An item dated Berlin, Germany 22nd reported that the German auxiliary cruiser Möwe (1) count Fohna Schlodin returned after several months from her second cruising on the Atlantic Ocean. She captured 22 steamships and 5 sailing vessels with a total gross tonnage of 123.000 ton, including 21 steamships of the enemy (of which 3 were armed and 5 in service of the British Admiralty) and 4 sailing vessels of the enemy. She came back with 593 prisoners.

1. Launched by the Tecklenborg, Geestemünde, Germany as the cargo ship Pungo for account of the Afrikanische Fruchtkompanie/F. Laiesz, Hamburg, Germany in 1914, used as bananas transport between Cameroon and Germany, purchased by the navy and converted into a minelayer at the naval shipyard at Wilhelmshaven in autumn 1915, commissioned on 1 November 1915, then used as commerce raider, renamed Vineta in 1916, after 22 March 1917 used in the Baltic as submarine tender and since 1918 as the auxiliary minelayer Ostsee, as war reparations handed over to England, as cargo ship Greenbrier operated by Elders and Fyffes, sold to a German firm and renamed Oldenburg in 1933 and finally burned and sunk after an air attack off the Norwegian coast on 7 April 1945.