Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ten sailors killed in collision between German battleship SM Hannover and torpedo boat S18 according to the Dutch newspaper Limburger koerier dated 26 June 1922


An item reported that in the night of 24 May near Sassnitz during German fleet manoeuvres the battleship Hannover (1) and the torpedo boat S18 (2) collided. The bow of the torpedo boat was damaged and 10 of her crew members were killed. De Surinamer dated 12th called the torpedo boat Leon.

1. Laid down at the Kaiserliche Werft Wilhelmshaven, Germany with contract name ‘O’) on 7 November 1904, launched on 29 September 1905, commissioned on 1 October 1907, target and later guard ship in 1917, commissioned as flagship in the Reichsmarine in February 1921, decommissioned in March 1927, slightly modernized with new masts recommissioned in 1930-1931, stricken in 1936, intention to convert her into a target never realized and instead broken up between May 1944-October 1946 at Bremerhaven, Germany. Of the Deutschland-class consisting of the Deutschland, Hannover, Pommern, Schlesien and Schleswig-Holstein. Preceded by the Braunschweig-class and succeeded by the Nassau-class.