Monday, 3 July 2017

German battleship Grosser Kurfürst salvaged according to the Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder courant dated 28 April 1938


An item reported that on the day before the German 25.000 ton battleship Grosser Kurfürst, scuttled after the First World War by her own crew at Scapa Flow was salvaged. The newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 27th reported that she was salvaged on the 26th(1)

1. Part of the König-class consisting of the König, Grosser Kurfürst, Markgraf and Kronprinz. Preceded by the Kaiser-class and succeeded by the Bayern-class. Building ordered as the Ersatz Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm, laid down at the AG Vulkan shipyard, Hamburg, Germany with yard number 4 in October 1911, launched on 5 May 1913, dockyards trials on 15 July 1914, commissioned on 30 July 1914 and scuttled by her own crew at Gutter Sound, Scapa Flow, Orkney Isles, Scotland on 21 June 1919. Raised on 29 April 1938 and sold to be broken up at Rosyth. Building costs 45 million Goldmarks.