Monday, 3 July 2017

USA intended building of 40.000 tons battleship according to the Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder courant dated 15 December 1938

South Dakota-class

An item reported that within the US Navy was believed that in 1940 a 40.000 tons battleship (1) was to be built as an American response on Japan refusing to limit the maximum tonnage to 35.000 tons.(2) She was to be armed with 45cm/17” guns.

1. The between 1939-1942 built South Dakota-class consisting of the South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts and Alabama, all commissioned in 1942 had a displacement of 35.000 (standard)-44.519 (full load) tons and a main armament of 3x3-40,6cm/16” 45cal Mark 6 guns.
2. Japan was building the Yamoto-class of which 4 were planned, the Musashi (1938-1944) and Yamoto (1937-1945) completed as battleships, the Shinano (1940-1944) as aircraft carrier. Their general class displacement was 69.300 (trial)-1.111 (standard)-73.000 (full load) tons.