Wednesday, 2 August 2017

British submarine HMS Holland 2 collided with submarine depot ship HMS Hazard with according to the Dutch magazine Machineblad dated 1903-1904 no. 5

An item referred to the Mitteilungen aus dem Gebiete des Seewesens reporting that the British submarine No. 2 (1) collided with the torpedo depot ship Hazard.(2) Thee submarine was hardly damaged, the Hazard however was leaking and needed to be docked.

1. The HMS Holland 2, laid down by Vickers Maxim shipyard, Barrow-in-Furness, England on 4 February 1901, commissioned on 1 August 1902 and sold on 7 October 1913.
2. HMS Hazard part of the Dryad-class torpedo gunboats, laid down by Pembroke Dockyard on 1 December 1892, launched on 14 February 1894, commissioned on 24 July 1895, submarine depot ship since 1901 and finally sunk after colliding with the ss Western Australia on 28 January 1918.