Friday, 4 August 2017

French armoured cruiser Jules Ferry fitted out with armour belt in 5 days according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1903-1904 no. 7

An item referred to the German magazine Rundschau reporting that the French Jules Ferry was fitted out at Cherbourg, France with her armour belt with a weight of 1.100 ton in just 5 days.(1)

1. Part of the Léon Gambetta armoured cruisers, consisting of the Léon Gambetta, Jules Ferry and Victor Hugo preceded by the Gloire-class and succeeded by the Jules Michelet, laid down in August 1901, launched in August 1903, commissioned on September 1905, decommissioned on 19 January 1927 and sold to be broken up in 1928. The waterline armour belt had a thickness of 7,1cm/2.8”-15,2cm/6”.