Saturday, 31 March 2018

British cruiser HMS Amphion harassed by problems during trials according to the Dutch newspaper Marineblad dated 1936 no. 2


An item referred to the magazine N.M.R. dated 23 January 1936 reporting that during the trials of the British cruiser HMS Amphion problems occurred with the reduction gears causing a delay of her departure towards the African station with some months.(1)

1. Building ordered on 1 December 1932, laid down on the Navy Dockyard at Portsmouth, England on 22 June 1933, launched on 27 July 1934, commissioned on 15 June 1936, sold to Australia in 1939, renamed HMS Perth on 10 July 1939, commissioned on 29 June 1939 and finally sunk in the Second Battle of the Java Sea as part of the Striking Force commanded by the Dutch rear admiral Karel Doorman against Japanese forces on 1 March 1942. Pennant 29 in British service and D29 in Australian service. Motto Floreat, Of the Leander-class light cruisers consisting of the Leander, Orion, Neptune, Ajax, Achilles, Amphion, Apollo and Sydney With the Leander and the Hobart-Perth-Sydney forming sub classes. Preceded by the Emerald class and succeeded by the Arethusa-class.